I grew up in St Paul Minnesota in the 50s and 60s near the Mississippi River. I played in the alleys and streets where the big Elm Trees grew and along the railroad tracks of the Burlington Northern. As kids we could feel the Plains Indians whispering to us.  I attended catholic school and a all boys military high school and survived by trying to make art and learn how to learn.

I attended Minneapolis College of Art & Design and got a BFA in Sculpture and learned to draw the model from underneath. I went to Kansas City Art Institute as a special student in sculpture for 6 months and learned about "cowboy art" and what big was on the plains. In the early 70s I took a Greyhound bus from Minnesota to Maine one summer to attend Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture on a scholarship. I fell in love with Maine, the mountains and the ocean and big forests.  At Skowhegan I met people from all across the country making art and made lifetime friends.


After school I moved to Philadelphia and lived with several people who had attended Skowhegan across the street from Betsy Ross's house and made art. I worked for Marion Locks Gallery and went to the city and looked at a lot of art. I then moved to Maine and on to Boston where I started to paint. The paintings were reminiscent of my sculpture and squeezed in between working a full time job as a screen printer. I always saw my paintings as a way to make the mysterious less frightening to me. I am fascinated by different similarities and similar differences. I am always looking at where the edges meet, patterns overlap and spaces collide.

I now live in Saco Maine on the Saco River and work in a mill building in Biddeford along the river and can feel the inspiration of the women and men who made textiles here for years.




2 Main Street Suite 15-230

Biddeford, Maine 04005